Interview with Adriana Arrington, author of Bleed Through

Today we’re chatting with Adriana Arrington about her novel, Bleed Through, out this month!

What’s your book about?

Liam Murphy battles his schizophrenia while developing a paranormal ability to witness past events, which reveals a murder and places him in the crosshairs of the killer.

Share a teaser sentence or two from your novel.

“Three icy fingertips stroked the small of his back. Liam stiffened. Ragged fingernails sliced through bubbling blisters as they trailed toward his skull. Dread prickled up his spine along with the fingertips, his already frayed nerves set further aflame by their touch. “I’ve missed you,” Three Fingers said, his voice raspy and deep.”

What do you want people to know about your book?

My novel explores reality and our perception of it.

What did you learn about yourself while writing this novel?

That the longer I edit, the more curse words I sprinkle in my work.

What was your timeline from drafting to publication? 

I began writing Bleed Through in September 2014. I signed a contract with Curiosity Quills in February 2016, and it’s releasing in March 2017.

What is your favorite part of writing (drafting characters, making up scenes, plotting, developing emotional turning points, etc). Why?

My favorite part of writing is drafting the characters, because once you fully understand your character’s motivations and desires, you understand your story.

Briefly, where did the idea for your book come from?

My grandmother. She was a vibrant woman who loved life, and her positive energy charged the atmosphere of every room she entered. She was also a woman of secrets, treasuring them and storing them away where only she knew they existed. The last of her generation in our family, I can’t fathom that these secrets simply vanished when she passed. Perhaps, somehow, they’re strong enough to linger here on Earth. And if they do stay with us…would it be possible to catch a glimpse of one somehow?

When do you do your best thinking about your work in progress?

Usually while on I’m on a walk or exercising

Share something people may be surprised to know about you?

My sister and I married identical twins. Yes. Really.

What’s the best piece of writing advice you’ve ever gotten?

Don’t give up.

What’s next?

A young adult psychological thriller about a seventeen-year-old girl whose plan to rescue her younger sister from her video-game addiction goes terribly awry.


Adriana Arrington – BLEED THROUGH

With his schizophrenia under control, life is looking up for twenty-five-year-old Liam Murphy. Independence looms on his horizon, and he’s under the care of a psychologist who understands him. Then he witnesses a murder at the yacht club. He worries it’s a hallucination and sign of regression, but soon becomes convinced that his meds have given him the paranormal ability to see past events, and that the murder actually happened.

Attempting to make sense of his new talent, Liam finds an unlikely confidant in Mai Nguyen, a fellow college student and eternal optimist. Though she helps him navigate the unsettling memories threatening to engulf him, the emotional toll of learning terrible secrets he can’t prove pushes Liam to the brink of lucidity.

Desperate to wrest back control of his life, Liam tosses his pills. He spirals into a relapse and captures the killer’s attention as he bumbles through investigating the crime. Hunted by a possibly imaginary murderer, and haunted by self-doubt, Liam must distinguish between hallucinations and reality. If he doesn’t, he risks losing either his hard-won sanity or his life.

Available March 14, 2017 from Curiosity Quills.

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