Interview with Orly Konig, Author of The Distance Home

Today we’re talking to Orly Konig, author of women’s fiction novel, The Distance Home.

Please describe what the story/book is about.

The Distance Home is a story about second chances, knowing when to walk away, and learning how to heal.

Share a teaser sentence or two from your novel.

Jumping Frog Farm.
The First time I saw that sign I was eight, and believed, with the certainty that allows reindeer to fly and little girls to heal, that this place would save me.

What do you want people to know about your book?

Horses may play an important role in the book, but it’s not necessarily a “horse” book. The themes of family and friendship, hope and heartbreak reach far beyond the fences of a stable.

What did you learn about yourself while writing this novel?

I learned that I have far more reserves in me than I imagined. Every time I thought I was creatively, emotionally, mentally done, an idea would poke at me and I’d sit right back down and keep writing.

What was your timeline from drafting to publication?

I think the timeline for drafting and revising a book is similar to having a baby … as soon as it’s over, you forget what it was like. Otherwise, would we really do it again and again? Joking aside, it was about 3 years – one and a half for writing, revising, querying, and then another year and a half from contract signing until launch.

What is your favorite part of writing (drafting characters, making up scenes, plotting, developing emotional turning points, etc). Why?

My favorite part of writing is in the revision stage when I’m adding those small details that bring the characters and setting to life.

Briefly, where did the idea for your book come from?

I wanted to write a book about the lengths we go to feel accepted. Horses have always been my safe place, where I felt like I belonged. The more I noodled the various themes for this book, the clearer it became that horses needed to play a role in the telling of this story.

When do you do your best thinking about your work in progress?

When I’m in first draft mode, it’s usually on the treadmill or rowing machine. That’s when I work through what the scene will be about before I sit to write.

Share something people may be surprised to know about you?

I was horrible at creative writing in school. Even had a professor in grad school tell me to stick with non-fiction.

What’s the best piece of writing advice you’ve ever gotten?

Write. Seriously! That was the simplest and best advice ever. We all know people who’ve said they’d love to write a book, someday. You have to make your “someday,” not wait for it to happen.

What’s next?

My next book is about family secrets and a historic merry-go-round.



Sixteen years ago, a tragic accident cost Emma Metz her two best friends—one human and one equine. Now, following her father’s death, Emma has reluctantly returned to the Maryland hometown she left under a cloud of guilt.

Sorting through her father’s affairs, Emma uncovers a history of lies tying her broken family to the one place she thought she could never return—her girlhood sanctuary, Jumping Frog Farm.

Emma finds herself drawn back to the stable after all these years. It’s easy to win forgiveness from a horse, but less so from her former friend Jillian, their once-strong bond has been destroyed by secrets and betrayals. But despite Jillian’s cold reception, for the first time in years, Emma feels at home.

To exorcise the past, Emma will have to release her guilt, embrace an uncertain future, and trust again in the healing power of horses.

“Orly Konig’s first novel wins a blue ribbon for delving into the meaning of family and friendships, and how both bring joy and sorrow.” – Susan Wilson, New York Times bestselling author

“Lovely and evocative … Konig’s writing is captivating from beginning to end.” – Shelley Noble, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

The Distance Home marks the arrival of an extremely talented new voice in women’s fiction.” – Lori Nelson Spielman, internationally bestselling author of The Life List

Available May 2, 2017 from Forge

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