Month: June 2017

Interview with Jenny D. Williams, Author of The Atlas of Forgotten Places

We’re talking today with Jenny Williams, author of the fabulous new book, The Atlas of Forgotten Places. Please describe what the story is about. Set against the backdrop of Joseph Kony’s rebellion and the ivory wars in central Africa,… Read More

Interview with Kellye Garrett, Author of Hollywood Homicide

We are so thrilled to be chatting with Kellye Garrett, author of the new book Hollywood Homicide! (Kellye is also a founder of 17 Scribes!) Please describe what the book is about: Hollywood Homicide introduces Dayna Anderson, a semi-famous, mega-broke… Read More

Interview with KD Proctor, Author of Meet Me Under the Stars

We’re delighted to be talking to KD Proctor, author of the debut novel, Meet Me Under the Stars. Please describe what the story/book is about. Charlie’s sister has died and left a will with one simple request: she wants a… Read More

Interview with Lorena Hughes, Author of The Sisters of Alameda Street

Today, we’re chatting with Lorena Hughes, author of The Sisters of Alameda Street! Please describe what your book is about. Set in a small South American town during the early 60s, The Sisters of Alameda Street is the story of… Read More

Interview with Meghan Masterson, Author of The Wardrobe Mistress

We’re talking today with Meghan Masterson, author of The Wardrobe Mistress. What’s your story about? The Wardrobe Mistress follows Giselle Aubry, one of Marie Antoinette’s wardrobe women, who casually spies on the queen as revolutionary fervor takes hold… Read More

Interview with Callie Bates, Author of The Waking Land

We’re so excited today to be talking with Callie Bates about her upcoming debut novel, The Waking Land. Please describe what your book is about. THE WAKING LAND is about a young woman, raised as a hostage, who… Read More

Interview with Haley Harrigan, Author of Secrets of Southern Girls

Today, we’re chatting with Haley Harrigan about her novel Secrets of Southern Girls. Please describe what your book is about.  Secrets of Southern Girls is about a woman who believes she killed her best friend when they were… Read More

Interview with Ricki Schultz, Author of Mr. Right-Swipe

Today, Ricki Schultz discusses her debut novel, Mr. Right-Swipe. Please describe what the story is about. Boy meets Girl. Boy ghosts Girl. Girl decides to just die alone. Share a teaser sentence or two from your novel. It’s… Read More

Interview with Kristin Rockaway, Author of The Wild Woman’s Guide to Traveling the World

So excited today today to be talking with Kristin Rockaway about her new novel! Please describe what the story is about. The Wild Woman’s Guide to Traveling the World is about a twenty-something New Yorker with a severe… Read More

Interview with Kelly Ford, Author of Cottonmouths

Please describe what the story is about. In Cottonmouths, a college dropout returns to her hometown and reconnects with the woman she loved as a teen only to become entangled in a backwoods drug operation. Share a teaser… Read More