Interview with Adriana Arrington, author of Bleed Through

Today we’re chatting with Adriana Arrington about her novel, Bleed Through, out this month! What’s your book about? Liam Murphy battles his schizophrenia while developing a paranormal ability to witness past events, which reveals a murder and places him in… Read More

Interview with Lindsey Frydman, author of THE HEARTBEAT HYPOTHESIS

Lindsey Frydman talks with us today about her debut THE HEARTBEAT HYPOTHESIS. Please describe what the book is about. THE HEARTBEAT HYPOTHESIS is about Audra, a girl who’s decided to honor her heart donor’s memory by recreating her… Read More

Interview with Heather McCorkle, author of Honor Before Heart

Today we’re chatting with Heather McCorkle about her book Honor Before Heart  — the first in a series! Please describe what the story is about. When Corporal Sean MacBranian awakens after being injured in battle, he is sure… Read More

Interview with Steven Peters, Author of 59 Glass Bridges

Today we’re chatting with Steven Peters, author of the speculative fiction novel, 59 Glass Bridges, debuting on April 1! Please describe what your story is about. 59 Glass Bridges follows a man’s attempts to escape a maze with… Read More

Interview with Laura Heffernan, Author of America’s Next Reality Star

Today, Laura Heffernan, talks about her wonderful novel, America’s Next Reality Star, which debuted on March 7. What’s your book about? After Jen loses her job, her boyfriend, and her home, she is cast on a reality show where she… Read More

Interview with Kari Lemor, Author of Wild Card Undercover

Today, we’re talking with Kari Lemor, author of Wild Card Undercover, which debuted on March 7. This novel is the first in her ‘Love on the Line’ romantic suspense series. Please describe what the story is about. An undercover… Read More

Interview with Renee Rutledge, Author of The Hour of Daydreams

    Renee Rutledge chats with us today about her literary novel, The Hour of Daydreams, debuting on March 14 , 2017! What’s your book about? The novel is an imagined history of two characters in a Filipino folktale…. Read More

Interview with Jenni Walsh, Author of Becoming Bonnie

Today, we’re talking to Jenni Walsh. Her first novel, Becoming Bonnie, debuts on May 9! Please describe what your book about. Becoming Bonnie tells the untold story of how church-going Bonnelyn Parker becomes half of the infamous Bonnie… Read More

Interview with Julie Pennell, Author of The Young Wives Club

Julie Pennell chats with us about her new women’s fiction novel, The Young Wives Club, which just came out on February 14! Please describe what the story is about. The Young Wives Club is a book about four young brides… Read More

Interview with Abby Fabiaschi, Author of I Liked My Life

  Abby Fabiaschi discusses her new women’s fiction novel, I Liked My Life, which just came out on January 31! Please describe what the book is about. Maddy, a seemingly happy stay-at-home mother, commits suicide, leaving her husband and… Read More